I felt like doodling some OC optics. I want to add WAY more to this, but I think I’ll stop for today. I’m not sure who else I would like to add.

So far we have:

Databyte anonymousfragger

Reznik amnicore

FirePepper imber-noctis

Databyte is evaluating you for dissection. It would be best if you stat very, very still.




What if our actual lives involve saving the world with our friends and doing really epic stuff

but in this dimension we’re in someone’s high school AU fanfiction or something


im not having nearly enough sex to be in a fanfiction

That’s what makes it a shitty fanfiction


Please take this survey if you are nonbinary, and signal boost it afterwards. (Signal boost even if you aren’t!)


Forever wondering if I am contributing to a conversation by using my own experiences or being self centered and rude.

Happy Birthday Ron Perlman!- April 13th 1950

Top: Natalie Chettle lifts her mother’s Maine coon cat Rupert over her head. Nearly three years old, Rupert is already three times bigger than the average domestic cat and is expected to gain another 5kg in the next few years… (source)

Bottom: …Giant moggy Rupert looks at a regular sized cat in Melbourne, Victoria. A three-time Cat of the Year and Australian National Champion, Rupert is the biggest Maine coon that cat judge Lesley Morgan Blythe has seen. (source)